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Mar 05, 2018

Champagne Toast > Balloons: Habitat Celebrates the Launch of a New Website

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The Habitat regional team celebrated the launch of the new corporate website earlier this month.  “Re-establishing our web presence was critical – as all digital elements of our brand have a significant impact on our business and showcase our culture and brand promise,” says VP of Marketing and Communications Maureen Vaughn.

The overhaul of our company website was no small task.  The team worked for several months to achieve the brand culture, identify in order to convey our business in a way that our customers could see and understand.  The site is “visually impressive and focuses on our breadth of services as well as showcasing the commitment we have to our customers,” says Matt Fiascone, President of The Habitat Company.

We look forward to rolling out all our news elements in this new format. Check back in with us from time to time to learn more. Happy web surfing!