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Sheila Byrne

Executive Vice President,
Property Management

Sheila Byrne is the Executive Vice President of property management for The Habitat Company. She oversees management operations for approximately 20,000 units spanning six states that include market rate, condominium, Habitat Affordable Group, and over 177,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

Sheila’s roots are in property management, and she has worked in different sectors of our industry for many years. Sheila plays a leadership role in the creation and integration of programs and forward trend initiatives that continue to build upon Habitat’s success. Her residents-first philosophy has helped pave the way for Habitat's unprecedented growth this past year and lays the groundwork for future opportunities.

Through the identification and utilization of best-in-class technology and marketing platforms, Sheila focuses on leveraging operational efficiencies across Habitat's portfolio to streamline operations, maximize NOI, complement Habitat's green initiatives, and help drive portfolio-wide growth. She plays an active role in investor relations, communicating strategic recommendations with the goal of increasing and maximizing value for our partners, and provides market-level feedback and guidance for ongoing acquisitions.

Sheila holds a Bachelor of Arts from St. Mary's University in Minnesota and is a licensed real estate broker in Illinois. She served as president of ABOMA from December 2018 - December 2021 and a trustee of SEIU Local No. 1 Health Fund and Pension Plan. Sheila currently serves on the Board of Managers for The Habitat Company.

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