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Gaby Miramon

Director of Project Management

As the Director of Project Management at The Habitat Company, Gaby brings with her a comprehensive background in design and construction management honed over nearly 25 years in the industry. In her new role, Gaby is at the forefront of overseeing the development and maintenance of multifamily and mixed-use properties across the Midwest, ensuring that all facilities meet Habitat's high standards for quality and functionality.


Her responsibilities extend to coordinating the efforts of design consultants, contractors, and both regional and corporate development teams, guiding projects from their initial schematic designs through to successful construction completion.

Prior to joining Habitat, Gaby's career was marked by her leadership in managing large-scale educational and institutional multifamily housing and civic projects. She is a licensed architect in the state of Wisconsin and holds a Construction Documents Technologist certification from CSI.


Her transition to Director of Facilities at Habitat leverages her extensive project management experience, her adept coordination of cross-functional teams, and her commitment to enhancing the built environment through sustainable and innovative practices.


Gaby's expertise is supported by a solid academic foundation, with a master's degree in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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