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Lilian Yool

Senior Development Manager,
Community Development

Lilian Yool joined The Habitat Company in January of 2022 as Senior Development Manager. Lilian provides oversight and coordination for multiple-phase development projects and activities for Habitat's affordable, mixed-income, and mixed-use multifamily housing. 


Lilian works to secure the funds required to complete the projects through private/public partnerships. Lilian evaluates development projects for recapitalization of existing affordable multifamily assets, tapping into her knowledge as a development officer and experience working in multifamily housing developments. In assessing development potential, Lilian considers use constraints in place now, and in the future, and local real estate market variables. To assess the project's viability, she collaborates closely with the design and construction teams, environmental engineers, and experts in entitlements. 


Lilian works closely with property management, resident services, lenders, and investors to negotiate and structure the long-term financial plan to first meet the needs of Habitat's income-restricted tenancy and secondly to meet the underwriting requirements of all lenders and investors involved. 


Lilian holds a Bachelor’s in Business and a Master of Science in Real Estate from Roosevelt University, where she was named the 2020 Alpha Sigma Gamma Student of the Year.

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