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GHI Receives Funds for Elder Dental Assistance & Transportation

Generations Housing Initiatives (GHI) is proud to announce that it has received funding from the Jewish United Fund /Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago (JUF) to provide direct assistance for dental/transportation needs of older adults with a history or trauma. This funding will award GHI $30,000 to provide this much needed care.

Many older adults are on a fixed income and have at least $1,000 in deferred dental needs that they cannot afford. This funding will allow GHI to help approximately 25 older adults receive much needed dental assistance that will enhance their lives and remove a financial barrier to healthcare.

“GHI strives to support older adults with all the resources that they need to live independently, and this funding is another way that we are able do so,” shared Cristina Vera-Hunt, Executive director of GHI.

GHI coordinators also work directly with each resident to help them identify a dentist that will accept this program funding.

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