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Habitat + Indoor Drone Tours 2023

Habitat’s President, Matt Fiascone, and Digital Marketing Specialist, Angie DeWitt, sat down with our partners at #IndoorDroneTours to discuss what a wonderful partnership this is and all the ways in which we can market our properties using IDT! 🎥 🚁

Why use #IDT? Well, for starters, their team is incredible to work with! But even beyond the talented individuals we have the joy of working with, the versatility of these videos is unmatched! At Habitat, we use our IDT videos in several areas of our properties’ websites and social media, social ads including brand new TikTok ads, and on our Featured Videos page, Habitat’s social media, and even playing on a loop on the TV in our corporate office lobby! 🌇✨

What started as a partnership to take our leasing virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic has blossomed into a wonderful, unique, exciting, and innovative partnership that helps us stay ahead of the curve with our properties!

Thanks for letting us be a part of this project, IDT, and thanks for being such a great partner. Check out our Featured Videos page here to see all the ways we’ve partnered with IDT over the last 3 years! 🎬🍿

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