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Podcast Alert: Dive into Crisis Management with Steven St. Louis

Habitat's Steven St. Louis, Regional Manager overseeing Habitat’s market rate and condominium portfolio in Michigan, was featured on this week’s episode of Multi-Housing News' Management Diaries podcast! With approximately 2,000 units under his guidance, Steven has navigated crises big and small with a focus on trust, transparency, and timely communication.

In this episode, Steven shares valuable insights and practical strategies for dealing with crises.

"At Habitat, we have a really strong set of best practices that allow our teams to be prepared for crises when they do come up," Steven shared.
"Don't wait to communicate. The quicker you can be ahead of the curve, the better off you are because then you start to build a sense of rapport and a sense of trust with the residents."

Steven’s practical advice and real-life examples provide a comprehensive guide for property managers looking to improve their crisis management strategies. From balancing empathy with facts to leveraging technology for better communication, this episode is packed with actionable insights.

A key takeaway from Steven's experience is the significance of optimism.

"Optimism is really, really important when dealing with crises, not only for yourself to work through it, but also that energy and that vibe will transcend to the resident, to the stakeholders."

Tune in to learn how Steven balances empathy and understanding while guiding residents through challenging situations, stays ahead of the curve with timely communication, and maintains credibility even in the toughest times.

🎙️ Listen now and get inspired by Steven’s approach to effective crisis management:

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