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RPM Careers Week Spotlight: TA Manager Jason Wright

With RPM (Residential Property Management) Careers Week underway, we wanted to share the inside scoop on some advice for those considering joining this amazing industry. We asked our Talent Acquisition Manager, Jason Wright, to share his insights on this matter and are excited to share his thoughts below!

How did you get into the property management industry for Talent Acquisition?

JW: I wanted to work in an industry that was new, but stable where I could grow professionally. Property management was the perfect opportunity for me to do that.

What do you see as the perks of working in property management for those who may not know the industry well?

JW: Property management is an industry that is sustainable and has a strong outlook for future growth. Working in an industry with that much promise is the biggest perk to me.

What do you think could be a rewarding aspect of working in property management, from your perspective as someone who recruits for the industry?

JW: The most rewarding aspect of being in property management is the diversity in work experience you are offered and the exposure you get to a variety of communities. You have the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding property management, while also building your professional network and strengthening your interpersonal communication skills. Plus, the opportunity for growth is really limitless and determined based upon your sweat equity – what you put will determine where you go, which I find really exciting.

What would your advice be for someone considering switching fields and applying for roles in the property management industry?

JW: I would recommend doing your research on the property management industry so that you can figure out if the roles and opportunities you are seeing align with your overarching career goals and so you can find out what areas interest you. I would also make sure you fully understand the requirements and the skills needed for the role for which you are hoping to apply. If you are unsure if you have those core skillsets, I would recommend making a plan to obtain them so that you hit the ground running should you get your dream offer. The other option many people find helpful, if this option is available to you, is finding a mentor in the industry that can help guide you through this new career path.

Want to kick start your career in property management? View our open positions and apply today!


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