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The Habitat Company Launches Move For Hunger at All Market Rate Properties

As a part of The Habitat Company’s Doing More Together initiative, Habitat rolled out Move For Hunger across all of our market rate portfolio in spring 2021. With the need for food donations being exacerbated by the pandemic, Habitat decided to expand our current philanthropic efforts by partnering with this amazing organization.

Move For Hunger works with individual properties, and property management companies, to help end food waste during the moving process by offering the option for residents to donate their non-perishable food upon moving out. By taking the onus off the resident and providing people the means for donation in an easy, seamless manner, Move For Hunger has helped “[deliver] more than 23 million pounds of food to food banks across the United States and Canada. That’s the equivalent of 19 million meals[,]” according to their tracked donations.

By launching Move For Hunger across our market rate properties, spanning the Midwest and the South, Habitat will continue furthering our mission of giving back to the communities in which our team members operate. Through this new partnership, we are looking forward to continuing our efforts in ending food insecurity while also exploring new opportunities for giving back as the year progresses.

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Andrew Mikolajczyk
Andrew Mikolajczyk
16 de jun. de 2021

Noble cause! Wonderful initiative! Encouraging to learn! Go forward!

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