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Original Publication Date: April 30, 2020

The Habitat Company's VP of Marketing and Communications, Maureen Vaughn, recently weighed in on tricky floor plan concepts and the pros they offer in a great article by Forbes! Read on to see how Asbury Plaza offers great selling points through its unique layouts. To read the article in its entirety and in the original format please click here Asbury Plaza

At the 32-story apartment tower in Chicago's River North enclave, absence of windows made floor plan layout problematic. Developer The Habitat Company huddled with architects to sculpt floor plans fully leveraging strategically-placed balconies. The innovative solution ensured natural light floods both the living spaces and the bedrooms of each residence.

“Asbury Plaza is the perfect example of getting creative with an unusual floor plan to address the fact the units don't actually have windows,” says Maureen Vaughn, vice president, marketing and communications at The Habitat Company. “By incorporating a balcony, or balconies, at strategic locations to allow natural light to flood in, not only does it make the lack of windows less apparent, but it also offers great views of the city from every single unit, which is something not every property has.”

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