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Highlighting Habitat's Gaby Miramon for Women in Construction Week

Celebrating Women in Construction Week and International Women's Day gives us the perfect moment to spotlight a new addition to our Habitat team: Gaby Miramon, Director of Project Management.

Gaby’s journey in the industry, spanning nearly 25 years, is nothing short of inspiring. She's been a leader, an innovator, and a staunch advocate for women in construction, where they've historically been underrepresented.

Gaby has seen a lot of change in the field throughout her career. “Seeing women in leadership roles, especially on construction sites, is still too rare,” she shared.

Her story in Chicago, unfolding over 22 years, is a testament to the power of female mentors and peers. Their support has been pivotal, not just for Gaby but for the success of countless projects and initiatives.

Driven into the construction world by her love for and background in architecture, Gaby sees a beautiful symbiosis between designing and building—seeing her drawings come to life fills her with a profound sense of satisfaction, and this passion naturally branched into construction. This philosophy has seen her through numerous projects, from designing subway stations in Buenos Aires to contributing to the Chicago skyline with Wolf Point West or furthering the development of quality mixed-income housing in Chicago with 23rd Place Apartments, which is managed by Habitat.

"Every time I take the subway in Buenos Aires, I remember that I worked on those stations. I did the drawings for them," she shares with pride.

This connection extends to her projects in Chicago, where seeing Wolf Point West, 23rd Place Apartments, and other developments stand as part of the cityscape fills her with a deep sense of accomplishment and a reminder of her contributions to the built environment.

A key turning point in her career was the Roosevelt Square development, which deepened her engagement with affordable housing. “That development was very dear to me,” she shares, pointing out how it expanded her view on development beyond mere architecture. It was a challenge that showcased her ability to innovate and lead, always with an eye toward creating spaces that matter.

Gaby has also been a force outside of her work; she has volunteered with and spoken on a panel for She Builds, an organization that provides networking opportunities to women in the construction arena, as well as recently joined the Professional Women in Construction organization. Further, she is involved with the Women's Affordable Housing Network (WAHN) and the Women in Planning and Development group.

Her involvement in these organizations has allowed her to vocalize these experiences. Being on the She Builds panel and discussing her role and projects brought a personal touch to her advocacy work. "I couldn't stop talking about my job," she laughs, revealing her passion for her work, her dedication to paving the way for more women in construction, and mentoring and building a supportive network. It’s not just about projects and plans; for Gaby, it’s about people, connections, and opening doors for others following in her footsteps.

Gaby's career offers a powerful narrative on what it means to lead, to innovate, and to advocate for change in the construction and design industry. From Buenos Aires to Chicago, her advocacy for women in construction and her contributions to significant projects like 23rd Place Apartments, Wolf Point West, and Roosevelt Square have not just defined her legacy; they’ve paved the way for future generations of women in the industry.

As we mark #WomeninConstructionWeek here at Habitat, we celebrate trailblazers like Gaby, whose work continues to inspire and forge paths for women in construction and architecture. Her story is a reminder of the strength found in passion, mentorship, and the belief in breaking barriers and embracing inclusivity. We couldn’t be happier to have Gaby on Team Habitat!

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