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Generations Housing Initiatives Was Awarded a $34,000 Grant to Support West Point Plaza Residents

Updated: May 2, 2022

Generations Housing Initiatives (GHI) was recently awarded a grant through the Jewish United Fund (JUF) to purchase food deliveries for older adults with a history of trauma through Top Box Foods.

Top Box Foods is a community-based non-profit offering a variety of healthy foods at affordable prices. Since May 2012, the organization has been working with communities in Chicago and Lake County, IL, as well as New Orleans.

The grant through JUF, totaling to $34,650, allows GHI to support up to 100 residents at West Point Plaza, an senior affordable community in Chicago managed by Habitat. Deliveries will take place once per month for 9 months, running from April 1 – December 31.

Due to West Point Plaza’s location and walking distance from grocery stores, they are considered to be located in a food desert. The location coupled with the mobility issues of some of our senior residents and the high cost of food make grocery shopping very difficult. With this new grant, GHI, JUF, and Top Box are here to provide this added support.

This program is made possible by federal funds from a grant through The JFNA Center on Aging and Trauma, a project of the Holocaust Survivor Initiative.

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