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Tall Buildings

Market Rate Investments

There are a lot of well-built but underperforming properties out there. We know how to find and polish these diamonds in the rough, helping them realize their potential.

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Diamonds in the Rough

Our property management expertise helps us identify properties with room for improvement, creating a wealth of opportunities to acquire new assets. With that said, we weigh investments and acquisitions carefully, only investing when we feel confident we can add value to the property, or when it fits our long-term strategy of property appreciation.

Core investments

We define core opportunities as situations where the property is exceptional, and in a prime location. We’ll consider an acquisition if we believe the property can be operated more efficiently, or if we determine that rental rates are artificially low in comparison to the market.

value-add investments

We’ll also consider an acquisition in cases where physical or operational deficiencies are causing otherwise high-quality properties to underperform. Investing allows us to update building features, improve management services and reposition the property within the marketplace.

Featured Properties

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